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Interdom LLC is committed to provide a variety of competitive solutions with the highest standard of customer service

Interdom LLC is an Intermodal Marketing Company that specializes in providing rail services to the international and domestic shipping community.

Richard K. Rudie founded "The Independent Stack Train Service" in 1987. Rick pioneered the first independent double stack service for steamship carriers that did not have internal intermodal departments. This service started between Chicago and Los Angeles and evolved Interdom LLC into a nationwide provider in the shipping industry.

Today, Interdom LLC provides intermodal services to sixty International Steamship Lines, and numerous NVOCC's, Freight Forwarders, Custom House Brokers and beneficial owners. Our service enables any company, big or small to compete in today's market.

Interdom LLC is headquartered in Palos Heights, IL where all operation, pricing, and administration functions are performed. The company has almost 50 employees and is growing steadily every year.


News and Information

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Interdom LLC, a subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology.
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