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 Recommended Maximum Gross Allowable
Cargo Weights in International Intermodal Containers for Transport on the USA Highway System


U.S. Pounds

20' Standard container on slider chassis


20' Standard container on "TRI AXLE slider chassis"


40/45 Standard container on standard chassis


NOTE: Maximum Gross Allowable Cargo Weight includes product plus all packaging pallets and any blocking, bracing, and dunnage materials.

The above Maximum Gross Allowable Cargo Weights are intended only as a general guideline to promote safe and lawful transport practices regarding the maximum weight of cargo that can be loaded into international containers for transport over U.S. roads. The actual allowable cargo weight for any specific shipment may vary depending on the actual weight and configuration of the equipment being used for transport, and/or other limits imposed by federal, state or local authorities. Use of this table in no way constitutes a warranty as to the safe loading or carriage of a particular container or combination of equipment and nothing herein is intended to warrant that a particular movement meets legal requirements or is otherwise safe for road transport. Use of this guideline does not in any way eliminate the obligation of the shipper, consignee, motor carrier, or other user to ensure that a particular load meets local, state or federal road weight limits and is otherwise safe and roadworthy for transport within the U.S.